The Impact of Donations: How Your Contributions Help Shelter Pets in Need

The Impact of Donations: How Your Contributions Help Shelter Pets in Need

The best way to help shelter pets is by giving them a second chance at life. And while it's easy to donate money or volunteer your time at a local animal shelter, there are plenty of other ways to make an impact on the lives of homeless animals. For example, donating gently-used items like food, treats, toys and more can be just as beneficial as cash donations—and it's often easier for shelters and rescues to use these items than store-bought items (which are usually overpriced). We've also found that most shelters won't accept used bedding or towels because they're too hard to disinfect properly before using again; however blankets and towels can still be donated by contacting them directly so they know what types will work best in their facilities.

Donate Money To Help Rescue Pets

Donate money to help shelter pets in need! There are many ways you can donate your hard-earned cash to help rescue pets. You can donate directly to your local shelter or rescue group, or give a little extra and give it all away at once by donating to national organizations like the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Best Friends Animal Society. If you want to support specific animals in need of medical care or other help getting out of shelters, consider contributing directly through websites like PetFinder Foundation or GoFundMe pages set up by friends who've taken in stray dogs or cats.

Volunteer Time

You can volunteer at the shelter to help with everything from cleaning kennels to walking dogs. If you have an interest in marketing, social media or community outreach, we need your expertise! We also always need help with fundraising events and adoption events.

Gently-Used Pet Supplies

The shelter will have a lot of gently-used pet supplies. These items can be sold or auctioned off, which will generate money that can be used to buy new supplies for the shelter and treat animals in need.

Useful Skills

  • You can use your skills to help with fundraising events.
  • You can use your skills to help with website maintenance.
  • You can use your skills to help with marketing and advertising.
  • You can use your skills in social media, or even just being an extra set of eyes on things that need to be done but no one has time for (like cleaning up after volunteers).

Food And Treats

Donating food and treats to your local shelter is a great way to help. If you have a pet with special dietary needs, consider donating those items that are hard for you to find in stores. For example, if your dog has allergies or is on a prescription diet like Hill's Science Diet Advanced Canine Senior 7+ Active Longevity Small Breed Formula Dry Dog Food (3lb), then this would be something worth donating!

Items That Can Be Sold Or Auctioned

There are many ways to make money for your shelter, and one of the most effective is by selling or auctioning gently-used pet supplies. You'll find many items in our donation closet that can be sold or auctioned for a profit:

  • Food and treats (rawhide chews, dog biscuits)
  • Toys (balls, toys with squeakers)
  • Books on training and behavior issues for dogs/cats (e.g., Leerburg's "House Training Your Dog")
  • Clothing (coats & sweaters) Household items Furniture

If you want to make a difference, start with the simple things.

  • Donate money. Every dollar donated goes directly toward helping animals in need. Your donation can be used for anything from food and medical expenses to spay/neuter surgeries and finding homes for pets like Rosie and her kittens.
  • Volunteer time at an animal shelter near you! Volunteers are essential to keeping shelters running smoothly, so even if it's just once a month or once a year--help out! You'll meet lots of amazing people who share your love of animals, learn new skills that will benefit both yourself and others (and possibly even get adopted), plus feel good knowing that every bit helps save lives! It doesn't matter how old or young; there are lots of ways everyone can help out including walking dogs or playing with cats while their owners are away at work all day long.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the many ways that you can make a difference in the lives of shelter pets. If you're ready to get started, we encourage you to start with something simple like donating money or food. From there, branch out into other areas such as volunteering time or gently used pet supplies!

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